EXP Series


  • Compatible with the basband 2.5 Mbps ARCNET® network
  • Works with MOD HUB Series active hubs
  • Supports star or distributed star topologies
  • Interfaces to either single-mode or multimode fiber optics
  • Internal BALUNs support twisted-pair cabling
  • Supports coaxial, fiber optic, and twisted-pair cabling
  • Activity LEDs on each port help identify network faults

Product Overview

You can attain multi-media cabling support for the MOD HUB Series of active hubs by using the EXP Series of expansion modules. Coaxial cable, twisted-pair wire, and glass fiber optic cable can all operate on the same network by selecting the appropriate expansion module.

Each expansion module accommodates from two to four ports with each port designed to support a specific cable technology. Port transceivers are indicated by a suffix designation (e.g., -FOG) which follows the EXP model number. Certain expansion modules mix two cable technologies within one module, reducing costs in certain applications.

While power is off, expansion modules can be inserted into empty slots in any hub within the MOD HUB Series without regard for power consumption. Cabling technologies can be freely mixed—offering great flexibility in configuring hub, media converter and repeater applications. Expansion modules are fastened using thumb screws and can be installed in the field. Each port has an LED to indicate network activity.

These modules support star and distributed star topologies (node-to-hub and hub-to-hub connections). However, bus segments can also be extended using expansion modules.

Ordering Information

Expansion Modules

Model RoHS Description Purchase
4-port coaxial star expansion module
1-port coaxial and 1- port 1300 nm fiber expansion module
2-port coaxial and 2-port 850 nm fiber expansion module
4-port 850 nm fiber expansion module
4-port twisted-pair expansion module

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