Frequently Asked Questions: ARCNET & Novell

  1. 1. Can I use ARCNET with my NOVELL NetWare 4.11?
  2. 2. Can I use a PCI20 under Novell 3.12 in Windows 95?


Can I use ARCNET with my NOVELL NetWare 4.11?

Server: Novell does not support ARCNET adapters at the file server as of NetWare 4.11. 

Client: 16-bit ARCNET drivers are supported by NetWare 4.11's Client 32.  32-bit ARCNET drivers are not supported.

In order to get ARCNET clients under Novell connected to a NetWare 4.11 file server, you need to have an IPX protocol router between the clients that use ARCNET and the Ethernet file server.



Can I use a PCI20 under Novell 3.12 in Windows 95?

The PCI20 will work as a client, but not as a host at the file server.  CCSI does not have a specific ODI driver for the PCI20.  You can, however, use the PCX20 ODI driver with the PCI20card.  In order to install the PCX20 ODI driver you must perform the following steps.

  1. Download the PCX20 ODI driver for Novell from our web site at here and save it to a disk.
  2. In Windows Explorer, go to 'Tools' and find the file 'PCI20.inf'.  Remove this file.
  3. Open the control panel and select 'Network'.
  4. Click Adapters, then Click Add.
  5. Select the file SMC PC600WS from the pull-down list.  Highlight the card and open its Properties.
    Verify that the card is set to:  "16 bit ODI driver'.
  6. Click Add Protocols, add select IPX/SPX.
  7. Remove 'Client for Microsoft Networks'.  Add 'Client for Novell Network', then select OK.
  8. Open the MS DOS shell from the Start menu.  At the C:\ prompt type "edit autoexec.bat"
    Change SMCarc20ws to ODI20ws.  This file is in the PCX20 folder you downloaded.
    Make sure you move the ODI20ws file from the disk to the appropriate directory.
  9. Save and exit the autoexec editor. 
  10. While still in MS DOS. Type: "edit net.cfg" and again change SMCarc20ws to ODI20ws.
    Set the IRQ and I/O to the I/O address you want.
  11. At the memory address, remark out the address by typing 'REM".  Save and exit.
  12. Exit MS DOS by typing 'exit' at the C:\ prompt. 
  13. Restart your computer. The card should work upon restart.