CAN – Robust Deterministic Network

Controller Area Network (CAN) is widely used in automotive and industrial automation applications and is the basis for communicating with CANopen and DeviceNet protocols. CAN was designed by Bosch and is currently described by ISO 11898. In terms of the Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI), CAN partially defines the services for layer 1 (physical) and layer 2 (data link). Other standards such as DeviceNet, CAN Kingdom and CANopen build upon the basic CAN specification and define additional services of the seven layer OSI model. Since all of these protocols utilize CAN integrated circuits, they all comply with the data link layer defined by CAN.

Contemporary Controls makes network interface modules (NIMs) and bus extenders for this rugged technology. NIMs are available to link ISA, PCI and PC/104 controllers to a CAN network with either a CANopen or DeviceNet physical layer. Extend-a-Bus allows CAN-based networks such as DeviceNet to expand beyond their theoretical geographic limit without loss in performance.

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Network Interface Modules
Network Interface Module

Network Interface Modules exist for attaching ISA, PC/104 and PCI bus computers to either CANopen or DeviceNet networks. The Phillips SJA1000 CAN controller chip supports both 11-bit and 29-bit identifiers.

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Bus Extenders
Bus Extender

Allows your DeviceNet network to exceed the geographical limits of CAN-based networks while maintaining the highest data rate. Models exist for either coaxial cable or fiber optic cabling. This is an ideal product when high-speed communications is needed along with cable lengths of up to 6km.

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